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From the beginning of human civilization, we have a common practice to stay in Ashrams of Rishimunies of Education and knowledge. In the Ashrams, people used to acquire not only the knowledge related to the fields like economy, science, politics and religion but also trainings to develop the power of transcendence. These Ashrams used to contribute nations greatly by producing socially morally, intellectually well-developed and spiritually awakened human beings.

Ashram courtyard

Hansada Yogashram has been giving continuity to the Vedic tradition in Nepal, which is regarded as the world's pilgrimage centre. The Ashram is a holy land bearing a great potentiality to give the true seekers an exposure to enlightenment with profound spiritual knowledge by bringing them in touch with the sublime consciousness and the elevated spirit. Here one can develop the power of transcendence through training in neutrality to become a spiritually uplifted being. Hansada Yoga ashram has been conducting various activities in Yoga and in meditation with the blessing of His holiness late Swami Satchitananda Vishuddhadev.

Goshai Kunda region

At Hansada Yogashram we focus on three disciplines:

  • Physical discipline - Hatha yoga and Pranayama
  • Mental discipline - Character logical class for balance mind and equanimity leading to intellectual discipline
  • Spiritual discipline - Meditation to bliss and Self-realization

"God realization + Life regulation = Character foundation"

The physical practices are only the beginning point leading to more subtle levels of concentration and meditation, and ultimately to Samadhi, or Self Realization. We move into the purity at the center by understanding the layers of our being that cover it, realizing the beauty of each layer and how it also obscures the center. Then we are able to bring the pure light from the center back into our character

The Scientific Spiritual Materialism is the whole truth
Swami Satchitananda Vishuddhadev


Hansada Yoga Ashram is located outside Kathmandu, Nepal, high on a hillside facing the Himalayan snow peaks. The location was chosen by Himalayan yogi, His holiness Swami Rama especially for its view of the sacred mountain Gauri Shankar, symbolizing the union of Shiva and Shakti, which is one of the meaning of "Yoga".

From here one can see the Himalayan range followed from Everest to Annapurna giving reverence to the striking greatness of nature. One can enjoy the sun rising above the peaks of the snow-covered mountains and its setting which gives a happy influence on the mind. The pure air and water available in the Ashram gives the miraculous effect on one's body and mind.

The hill at the top of which the Ashram is situated is called character mountain and the name of the locality is known as Charitrapur, Janagal Banepa. The hill, which is just opposed with the Arniko highway is 25 km east of Kathmandu, (the capital of Nepal), the Ashram is at a height of 5,000 feet from the sea level.

Access to the Ashram

The Ashram is accessible by road. You can take a bus (~50 NRs) or taxi (~1500 NRs) from Kathmandu. To reach the Ashram, one has to stop at Janagal, which is on the Arniko highway, 25 km east of Kathmandu. From the Janagal, a southern road, which is earthen, extends to the Ashram.

Look for this sign before entering Banepa

Hansada Yoga Ashram
Charitrapur, Janagal 45210, Banepa Kavre District, Nepal
Tel: +977 977 11 66 1536

His Holiness late Sri Swami Satchitananda Vishuddhadev

Swami Satchitananda Vishuddhadev

His holiness late Sri Swami Satchitananda Vishuddhadev. With a view to helping individuals to achieve a wholesome personality has developed a system of education based upon his 40 years of research and experience. He was born in an ideal Brahmin family in the beautiful town of Kashmir in India. He completed his secondary education in Kashmir and joined the Delhi University in order to continue his higher education. First of all, he received his Master of Science degree in Physics, then he got his M. A. in Political Science and finally, after his M. A. in Philosophy he studied psychology very deeply. He was then admitted into the Veda Institution at the Rajauri Gardens in Delhi and studied the Vedas, Vedantas, Scriptures, the mythologies, yoga and Ayurveda. He then received the order of asceticism (sannyasa) from the supreme teacher Swami Vidhhyananda.

His system of education, designed to fit individuals at every path of life, regardless of their sex, age, culture and religion, not only focuses itself on philosophical aspect, but also lays an equally strong emphasis on practical aspects of life. Without any distinction of caste, creed, color, sex, status (social and economic), and religion and without disturbing all these, makes human approach through Yoga philosophy, Veda, Vedanta, Upanishads etc; for making life successful. The Stato-dynamic Yoga philosophy and practice provides a devotee with these six elements to develop his or her personality. We provide a methodology for devotees to be physically fit, mentally balanced, intellectually developed, socially peaceful and cooperative, divinely faithful, and spiritually awakened. Just as all rivers finally merge into the great sea, all human beings have a great potentiality to merge into the supreme consciousness to make their lives blissful. This state of realization of divinity is attributed to such virtues of a devotee as his right attitude of mind, compassionate heart free from desires, heart devoid of selfishness and ego, good character, benevolence besides six elements provided by the Yoga. His teachings, free from the manacles of all rigid doctrines are easy to follow and apply and quick to produce results.

Swami Satchitananda Vishuddhadev put emphasis on character development. The Sanskrit word for character is charitra. "Char" means to move and "itra" is fragrance. In essence, fully developed character is understood as the totality of body, mind and spirit that radiates the light of wisdom as we walk in the world.

The fragrance that spreads when you move is character. Move on a true path with good intention, good feeling and good work.
Swami Satchitananda Vishuddhadev


Rishi Kumar Panchasheel

Rishikumar Swami Panchasheel

Rishikumar Swami Panchasheel is one of the very intense disciples of His holiness late Swami Satchitananda Vishuddhadev & Chairperson of Hansada Yoga Ashram. He is well experienced teacher in (hatha) yoga philosophy and characterology.

Rishikumar Swami Pranmurty

Swami Neelkantha Baba

Swami Kalyanmitra


Characterology (Character Science) is a light of supremely real element established for the benefit of all mankind to remove darkness caused by ignorance. I offer my sacred lamp to the whole human beings...
Swami Satchitananda Vishuddhadev

An individual is able to know everything and achieve divinity through the power of character. He, who attains purity in character, achieves prosperity, honor and in fact, everything. Good character is found in the acquisition of good knowledge by performing good deeds with devotion and dedication in the light of good knowledge. Until today no individual or state has become great by the power of money, on the strength of people or with a military force. Greatness and victory lie on the power of character.

Association for World Peace & Character Foundation Mission (Yoga-science & Holistic Health Programme)

Holistic health and character foundation through yoga science characterology is the study of scientific spiritual materialism. This programme is known as save the world peace programme.

The holistic health and character foundation is for to achieve peace, and non-violence within human beings. Unity of all creatures is the sole goal of our education and practice. Human beings is not only the body to live, but also the mind, which is restrained, and heart, which is filled with love. An individual should maintain; physical health, mental balance, intellectual development, self realization, social efficiency, and divine faith,along with spiritual knowledge, awakening consciousness (Character-power) one's indigenous religion needed for desirable personality that enhances life of human being and the environment to insuring equitable economic and social progress to meet the future challenges. Human nature cannot be reduced to the body alone. Human well being is more complex than just taking care of one's physical body. Nutrition, exercise, proper breathing, relaxation and even meditation are considered integral parts required for healthful living. Human nature is meant to function in a unified way. It is a basic principle in holistic health that mind and body mutually influence one another. The quality of our food, for example, affects the mind as well as the body, and one's attitude on life affects the process of digestion. The role of breathing is another important principle for optimal health. Breathing is not just the mechanical exchange of gases in the lungs. The way one breathes affects the glandular and emotional state of the individual.

Character foundation: The word used in Sanskrit for character is charitra, made up of two elements: char and itra. Char means to move and itra indicates fragrance. The fragrance that spreads when you move is character. Here, to move signifies moving on a true path with good intention, good feeling and good work as indicated by good education. Good intention is a quality of the brain. Any man, who does his duty conscientiously and with devotion, has good intentions. In the same way, good feeling is a quality of the heart. When consciousness becomes pure with the mercy of the Goddess of good intentions, respect and devotion spring up in the human heart. All the great values like knowledge, good determination, generosity, forgiveness, tolerance, modesty, and social service come to the fore. With the coming together of good intentions and good feelings, a human being becomes a good worker. Then a person earns his wealth working hard with his bodily strength and spends it conscientiously on fulfilling his good desires. Serving guests, doing something good for society and service to one's nation become part and parcel of one's lifestyle. Such an individual keeps good thoughts in both sufferings and joys, losses and gains, and in every kind of circumstance and moves onward on the path of duties. It is this kind of an individual that we should regard as being truly educated. The meaning of guided education is strong determination and good feeling. Such a person is always engaged in good deeds. He will never go astray. A good character means accepting true or good things and putting oneself to service with good manners, and to digest bad things in exactly the same way as Lord Shiva digested the poison.

Even the Vedas cannot purify the characterless
Swami Satchitananda Vishuddhadev

A person of good character is always involved in good deeds, for his healthy body is saturated in his brain with the purity of his heart. The first and the last duty of a man is to adopt the lessons of character and to move on the righteous path with devotion and humility. He will make his life and the world fragrant and offer fragrant joy to all.

Holistic health: Holistic health is a modern term and an ancient idea. Derived from the Greek word, holos, meaning complete or with all the parts, holistic emphasizes the ideal of achieving health as a whole person - body, mind and spirit. This approach to complete well being is very similar to the ancient Vedas' respect for treating the individual in his entirety.

Our modern civilization is very productive, creative and resourceful in the external world only, and interior research is not being conducted. Thus, human resources and potentials are not brought into usage to comfort the human being. A hundred years ago we did not have many of the diseases that exist today. All human beings have the inner potential and skill to be completely healthy, but in today's world because of social and economic pressures, human beings have forgotten that all things happen deep within before they appear on the physical and mental levels.

The ancients were aware of the fact that human beings suffer on various levels: physical, mental and spiritual. They did much research, and if modern man would learn how to modify and apply that research, he would not be as unhealthy and insecure as he is today. The Upanishads say that if one possesses both avidya (mundane, temporal knowledge) and vidya (spiritual knowledge), he can remain happy, successfully cross the mire of delusion, and be liberated. The ancients emphasized the necessity of holistic health which means to understand the inter-relationships between our physical, mental and spiritual selves.

We offer Stato Dynamic Yoga, meditation & breathing exercise at Hansada Yogashram for beginners as well as for experienced students. For the students uplifting their spiritual knowledge along with human qualities.

Courses, Teachings & Trainings

We teach a methodology called "Bishuddhaya Stato Dynamic Human Yoga Culture and Philosophy" to help the individual develop creative intelligence through moderation. The goal of this institution is to add an individual to manifest the quality of noble character and well developed human personality by becoming physical fitness, mental balance, intellectual developed, socially peaceful and spiritually awakened. The course is designed from 5 days to 3 months.

  1. 3 to 5 days basic course introduction (The course will be hold in 26th to 30th of every month).
  2. 7 Days (primary course) standard Stato-Dynamic Yoga Philosophy & Practices (the course start from 4th to 10th and 14th to 20th of every month).
  3. 14 Days Intermediate course (Stato-Dynamic Teacher Training Program). This course will be held two times of the year. The 1st session is in September (from 5th - 18th), and the 2nd in March (20th - to 2nd).
  4. 1 to 3 months advanced course.

Activities and Programs

  1. Swami Bisuddha Dev's audio discourses and video shows on Eastern spiritual philosophy on human character.
  2. Well-experienced yogis hold practical classes on stato-dynamic yoga.
  3. Teaching of character science
  4. Yoga trekking and silence walking near the ashram's mountain which is surround by beautiful jungle.
  5. Here in Ashram, we perform Unified Eternal Vedic "Panchayan Mahayagya" which has been affirmed by His holiness "Sankaracharya". Devotees receive Abhisek, Tika, Prasadam and Blessings of Mahayagya.
  6. Silence Retreat. Periods of 3, 7, 15, and 21 days of silence practice.
  7. Many other things to promote spiritual advancement and joy. Participants are offered a daily schedule of instruction in Yoga philosophy and practice, meditation, pranayama (breathing), relaxation. You may come anytime during year. Stay for a few days or few months.


We have single and double rooms with private bathrooms

Guest roomGuest room


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